Saturday, February 15, 2014

70% Alcohol Caused Deadly Crash

alcohol accident,crash
Alcoholic beverages is certainly not good for the health . Not only that , alcohol was shown to be the biggest cause of traffic accidents in the United States . As reported by Inautonews , Wednesday, August 22, 2102 , the National Highway Safety Institute ( NHTSA ) in the United States conducted a study , and reveal 70 percent of accidents that result in death due to alcohol affected driver . Most are known to have the lowest alcohol content of 15 percent , up higher . Research on the theme " Prevalence of High BAC in Alcohol - Impaired Driving Fatal Crashes " shows , from a total of 10,228 accidents resulting in death , 7,145 or 70 percent of them caused the driver in a drunken condition . Not only that , in 2010 fatal accidents were recorded due to the driver has alcohol content of 18 percent , or twice the legal limit allowed in the U.S. .

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