Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Factors Causing Traffic Accidents
Traffic accident becomes something most frightening when we are on the way. Because accidents not only cause loss of material, but also resulted in casualties either injured or dead. As recently occurred, Abdul Qadir Jilani accidents involving or familiarly called AL were driving Mitsubishi Lancer police numbered B 80 SAL at Km 8.200, Jagorawi, son of Indonesia's top musician Ahmad Dani. Regardless of age AL juveniles to drive a car, but if observed are actually several factors that cause traffic accidents, namely: Human Factors The human factor is the most dominant factor in the event of a traffic accident . Many conditions cause accidents in which the driver violating traffic signs such as whether intentional or not , push yourself driving condition when the body does not allow for example sleepy and sick . To minimize the occurrence of accidents due to human factors , should increase awareness of the importance of orderly traffic and do not push yourself if conditions do not allow . If you are sleepy when the journey should pull over in a safe place and rest ( sleep ) to restore the condition of the body . Vehicle factor Vehicle factors are also the cause of the accident . Example is a tire blowout , brake failure , and automobile parts that should be replaced but not replaced so that the device is not functioning as it should . To minimize accidents caused due to vehicle factors , it is fitting you perform maintenance and repair of vehicles on a regular basis . And do not forget to always check the condition of the vehicle before going away. factors Way Traffic accidents can be influenced by the way . Such as uneven road surfaces , inadequate street lighting , road safety fences , and potholes . It is the responsibility of the government to solve it . But we as road users better anticipate more vigilant in order to avoid accidents on the road . Weather factor Weather conditions can also be the culprit of the accident , for example, when it rains the braking distance will be further affected as the rain slick roads . Fog can also interfere with us in driving due to limited visibility . Therefore if bad weather blocked you rightly increased vigilance to avoid traffic accidents

Saturday, February 15, 2014

70% Alcohol Caused Deadly Crash

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Alcoholic beverages is certainly not good for the health . Not only that , alcohol was shown to be the biggest cause of traffic accidents in the United States . As reported by Inautonews , Wednesday, August 22, 2102 , the National Highway Safety Institute ( NHTSA ) in the United States conducted a study , and reveal 70 percent of accidents that result in death due to alcohol affected driver . Most are known to have the lowest alcohol content of 15 percent , up higher . Research on the theme " Prevalence of High BAC in Alcohol - Impaired Driving Fatal Crashes " shows , from a total of 10,228 accidents resulting in death , 7,145 or 70 percent of them caused the driver in a drunken condition . Not only that , in 2010 fatal accidents were recorded due to the driver has alcohol content of 18 percent , or twice the legal limit allowed in the U.S. .